Become a Financial Advisor

Financial advisors and financial planning consultants are pretty much the same. Its just a case of one company calling that certain job position as a financial advisor, while the other company calls it a financial planning consultant, when the job description for both are the same. Another thing that needs to be stressed is that … Read more

How Do Savings Bonds Work

How do savings bonds work? Savings bonds are quite easy to acquire and hold. The United States Treasury Department issues savings bonds that are non-transferable securities. Banks and credit institutions often sell savings bonds or you can also purchase it directly with the United States Treasury Department. An individual can gain profits through interests paid … Read more

Prime Brokerage

A prime brokerage offer clients services with hedge funds and other large investments. Since hedge funds and other equity firms buy and sell securities on a large scale, prime brokers focus on cash management, stock loans, securities lending, reports and operations. Their line of services also includes marketing, technology development, and risk management. Risks Prime … Read more

Mutual Fund Loans

Mutual fund loans are taking money out against your mutual funds. To understand better, a mutual fund is a pool of funds invested in a diversified portfolio of securities. The portfolio may be stocks, bonds and other securities or a combination of all. The portfolio is being managed by a fund manager or a portfolio … Read more

Cash Flow Notes

What are cash flow notes? Cash flow notes are similar to an IOU for debts that can either be purchased or sold. If you procure one, the debtor automatically owes you the debt. These notes delineate a broad range of debt instruments such as tax lien certificates, home mortgages, trust deeds, and several other types … Read more

Intraday Trading

Success in intraday trading depends on identifying the general trend and discovering entry and exit points that are dependent on oversold or overbought conditions. Since stock prices normally slip back in the short term, you should make use of short-term indicators to assist you in identifying the best trading opportunities. Overall Trend To get the … Read more

Convertible Preferred Stock

Some preferred stock issues have a convertible feature that allows holders to exchange their preferred stock for common shares. The conditions and terms of the conversion are set when the preferred stock is first issued. The terms include the conversion ratio, which is the number of common shares the preferred stockholder will get for each … Read more