Why Day Trading?

“Because it’s there!” What has come to be known as day trading is new, and many are lured by it. Of course, day trading is as old as the first market, but it has generally been the preserve of professionals. Now one finds traders of all degrees of experience at innumerable trading houses hunched over … Read more

The Use of Stop Orders

Any trader, no matter how good  their discipline is, should be using stop  orders.  It will definitely help you  act in your own best interest more often than not. Whenever initiating a position, always  make sure to have a stop order in to protect yourself.  All off-the-floor traders should also use stop orders to protect … Read more

Understanding Market Makers

Market makers make day trading exciting. They are dealers who buy and sell stocks on behalf of their clients or for their own firm. They provide liquidity for their customers and make the Nasdaq market viable. When a stock is liquid, it means the price will not be greatly changed by heavy buying or selling. … Read more

Stock Market Identities

To become a successful stock market trader, it helps first to understand the way the various stock market identities or trader timeframes coexist, intersect, and interact. To establish a foundation for this understanding, we must first define the different market identities and timeframes, as well as the general motivations of each. Scalper The scalper lives … Read more