Stock Market Mentor

Lessons to learn from a stock market mentor

When you are experience problems and issues in your personal life or in your profession, it gives a big boost if you turn to an individual whom you admire and rely – someone who has been through a lot and has been very successful especially in the field of stock market. Indeed, a stock market mentor gives that much needed inspiration.

Get a Stock Market Mentor

Having a stock market mentor does not really mean you are a big joke or that you are a lesser individual. In fact, it is admirable and makes you smart enough to realize that you do not have all of the answers to the problems hence you are turning on someone smart enough to draw inspiration.

Even the financial gurus and world’s richest has stock market mentors. Bill Gates has a mentor. Indeed that is true. Bill Gates’s stock market mentor is none other than the wall street guru Warren Buffett – one of the most successful living stock market investors and just like Bill Gates he is likewise a multi-billionaire.

In turn, Warren Buffett’s stock market mentor was a gentleman by the name of Ben Graham. He was an well renowned economist and is typically tagged to as the “Father of Modern Security Analysis.” Therefore if you are searching for excellence in career and in business, try to look for someone who is very successful already in the chosen field.

Roles of a Stock Market Mentor

Stock market mentoring would always help you in understanding the various chart patterns of stocks, futures and commodities is an indispensable tool in stock market investment. It aids you in determining the pattern of any market and give you help figuring out the entry and exit levels for your stock market investment.

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A stock market mentor is always quick to point that importance of technical analysis in the stock, futures or commodities market. This is so vital as it help us gauge when a market is following a pattern, and when it is not. If the kind of stock that we are investing is having a trend, then for sure we want to be on board. If it does not have a patter, you are up for a gloomy trading as well as incurring huge monetary losses and your market timing will be off.

An investment mentor has so much teaching to impart to you in stock market investing. Their keen eye for stock and futures market investment cannot be overemphasized. This is one thing that a beginner should emulate and take cue from. Also, the character and perseverance of a stock market mentor is laudable. Anyone who intends to be successful in stock market should take lessons from the character of his mentor.

Just make sure to pick your stock market or investment mentor wisely and be aware of stock trade mentor scams that exist online today. Make sure its not a mentor scam and make them prove that they have a solid track record of success that they can impart upon you.

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