Highest Money Market Rates

Money market investing involves lending and borrowing money or assets on a short-term basis. Maturities usually last less than a year or up to 13 months maximum. Because of this nature, money market is considerably stable, safe and very liquid. Its core is made up of banks borrowing and lending with each other through various … Read more

Year-end Tax Planning Tips

The year is nearing its end — and before the year finally comes to a close, it is important to formulate some tax planning strategies which can give us a favorable position for next year, and the years to come. There are certain tax planning opportunities which individuals must be aware of, which were offered … Read more

Tracking Investments

Most of us want to retire wealthy — thus many people secure their wealth and money with different accounts as a way of retirement investing, in the hope that these will grow profits and will serve as income replacement in the future. Diversification of funds is a good way to create a better investment portfolio, … Read more

Types of Mutual Funds

There are many types of mutual funds available in the market. These types vary according to the particular investment vessel where the funds are placed. There are three varieties of mutual funds namely Equity Funds, Fixed-Income Funds, and Money Market Funds that are important to learn. These are the avenues where mutual fund investing strategies … Read more

Where to Invest

With your investments it is vital that you need to determine the best place for where to invest your hard earned money. The best investment for one may not be the best for the other. So it is advised that you do your homework first and maximize all resources before deciding which type of investment … Read more

Mutual Fund Loans

Mutual fund loans are taking money out against your mutual funds. To understand better, a mutual fund is a pool of funds invested in a diversified portfolio of securities. The portfolio may be stocks, bonds and other securities or a combination of all. The portfolio is being managed by a fund manager or a portfolio … Read more

Investment Property Loans

The real estate industry is generally deemed as a profitable career opportunity. However, buying investments from this platform requires a good property investment advice as well as an outlined financial plan. The good news is that the funds needed to venture in real estate can be acquired in the form of investment property loans. Thus, … Read more

Retirement Investing

Time to Save for the Rainy Days It’s funny how a person only thinks of saving up for his future when he becomes old. In actual fact, there is no better time to plan and arrange for retirement investing than today. Preparing for the rainy days requires you to take some time to research and … Read more

Mutual Fund Investing

How to Safeguard Your Assets Mutual fund investing is a beneficial way to put your funds in a collection of investments that principally incorporates bonds, certificates of deposit and stocks, which you can get hold of in one easy and simple procurement. Though, this is a great way to manage your assets, you must understand … Read more

Offshore Investment Advice

“Offshore investing” is often so shrouded by secrecy to many investors that it makes it seem very mysterious, like some illegal underground society of super-rich investors. Many investors become weary of offshore investment advice and immediately become suspicious. Once you conduct the offshore investment advice for yourself, you will discover that investing offshore is nothing … Read more

3 Keys to Money Management

All of your trading, buying and selling, revolves around money. Therefore money management is about managing your business and maximizing your stock market trading profits. There are five key elements to good trading money management: 1. Trading Capital For every winner in futures trading there is a loser, this being so, you should consider trading … Read more

Top 3 Successful Investing Factors

Although there are many things an investor can do wrong in the markets, there are only a few things he or she can do right. We are all well aware of how important risk management, discipline, and a good investment method can be. Yet without a doubt, they are all useless in the hands of … Read more