Buying Facebook Stock

May 18, 2012 was the day that many investors had been waiting for. Mark Zuckberg, CEO Facebook, finally opened his company to the public with an initial public offering (IPO) of 421,233,615 shares of stock priced at $38 per share, variable. Facebook stock is now available in the NASDAQ Stock Market. The screen outside NASDAQ … Read more

Good Stocks

Becoming skilled at investing in the stock market requires tools and strategies to competently buy and sell stocks. Once you’ve set your online trading account, you should assess the overflowing and almost limitless financial instruments that can assist you in picking good stocks. Choosing Stocks Because of the plethora of choices, you might feel astounded … Read more

Stocks to Buy

If you want to generate profits from stocks, you are surely one of those asking the common question of what stocks to buy. This sounds effortless to skilled and experienced investors, but starting out in the stock market can be discouraging. This article will walk you through the entire process of stock buying so you’ll recognize the best … Read more

Stock Picking

When you come across with people that trade stocks, you probably think about how they perform stock picking. The good news is that even beginners like you with no background in managing finance can make this happen. Understanding how to trade online is almost effortless nowadays since there are numerous websites that furnish trading services … Read more

How to Pick Stocks

Prior to trading or investing in the stock market, there are critical decisions that you need to make. You should determine your financial investment goals and objectives first. Do you need the money to secure a comfortable and wealthy retirement? Do you want to diversify your portfolio, or do you want to create an efficient … Read more

Hot Stock Market Tips

Stock tips are just as much a part of the market as stocks themselves. Honestly, where would we be without tips? Are you looking for that next hot stock market tip that is supposed to make you rich? Well, stop looking and think again. Stock tips supposedly give you the “inside scoop” on the next … Read more

Start Ignoring Analyst Opinions

Analysts are employed by brokerage houses. Their job is to analyze stocks and advise brokerage house clients and/or the public whether given stocks are worth buying, selling, or holding. Although many analysts are competent, honest, and care about investors, the sad truth is that a handful of dishonest analysts have placed the entire profession and … Read more