Buying Facebook Stock

May 18, 2012 was the day that many investors had been waiting for. Mark Zuckberg, CEO Facebook, finally opened his company to the public with an initial public offering (IPO) of 421,233,615 shares of stock priced at $38 per share, variable. Facebook stock is now available in the NASDAQ Stock Market. The screen outside NASDAQ Stock Exchange building at Times Square displayed a personal hand-written message by Zuckberg: “To a more open world and connected world”.

How to Buy Facebook Stock?

The very news that Facebook was now available on NASDAQ got people running to their trading platforms to get a piece of this global company. This was one of the highly anticipated stocks to hit the market in recent times. While the initial pricing was set to $38, it shot up to $43 within the first minute of trading. Among the many thousands of serious investors were people who wanted just a single share to stay connected with the company that helped them stay connected with people across the globe. However, if you’re still wondering how to get started with FB stock, get a crash course in stock market basics and try a comprehensive online brokerage platform that will do all the trading hard work for you. Scottrade is one such platform.

There are certain rules that are laid out for Facebook shares by large online brokerages. Some require potential investors to be trading at least 30 times a day, while others may not consider anyone with less than $500,000 in balances. This is how it works: FB stock first goes to the preferred customers (specifically the customers of banks involved in underwriting the deal). Customers who have at least $500,000 in balances or trade 30 times a day are given the next preference. Finally, the remaining shares are given to the ones who want to invest small.

One of the stock tips you can use at the moment is to establish your online trading skills before considering a Facebook IPO share.

Buy FB Stock with Scottrade

So where to buy Facebook stock? One of the best stock brokerages online is Scottrade. Most online trades here are only $7* and costs only $500 to open an account with them. There are no setup fees or maintenance fees. Plus, you get up to $100 in refunds in other broker transfer fees. The quality of executions at this online trading platform is very high.

Finding an FB stock and analyzing its performance over the days is extremely easy with all the comprehensive tools that are available here. This is one of the highly recommended trading platforms for you.

Is FB Stock Worth it?

If you’re looking to buy penny stocks, FB shares are not for you. However, investing FB shares can be a very good decision because it is not likely that anyone will ever stop using Facebook. For short term investors it could be an impossible feat to get even a single share of Facebook unless they pay very high for it. But, place a stock trade through the online brokerage mentioned above and you could be the owner of Facebook Stock soon. The trick is to buy now and as many as you can.

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