Don’t Trust Your Broker

This may sound crazy, but it’s absolutely true AND extremely important for you to understand. Your broker is there to take your orders and execute your trades. That’s it.

You may not realize this, but your broker’s goal is to get you to make as many trades as possible. That’s how he makes HIS money, on trade commissions and fees. You don’t have to make a trade just because he wants you to. Your job is not to make him money, it’s to make you money.

He is not the one to take stock trading advice or analysis from. If he really knew how to trade, he wouldn’t be working behind a desk. He wouldn’t have to. He’d be taking his own advice and making lots of money!

So what should you do to protect yourself?

If you’re a beginning trader, you can ask him questions about “definitions” of trading terms you’re unfamiliar with, prices of stocks, etc. Although you could just use our free stock market dictionary instead! That’s all good and well, but don’t let him give you actual trading or strategic advice about what to trade and how to trade it.

The same goes for most of the free stock advice you’ll get out there, especially through the media and most financial institutions/programs. Often times, their ‘advice’ is driven by self-interest and greed. There are also many ‘self-proclaimed’ experts out there. Often times, it’s these so-called “experts” that will drive you to the poorhouse. Don’t listen to them! does not try to simply present viewers with “hot stock tips”, but to rather provide each investor and stock trader with the tools, news and information so they can find the next hot stock or investment themselves – all for free! By showing you how to use proven stock trading strategies, truthful stock tips and professional investment advice, you will be able to determine which stocks and investments are worth your hard earned money – not just blindly following the advice of some unknown “stock guru” and praying they are right.

Unless the advice givers are ‘real-world’ trading experts, with the track record – and bank balance – to prove it, don’t listen to them. Run away fast, in the opposite direction, if someone “guarantees” that you will make money from a certain stock, mutual fund, or commodity. No one can predict the market. No one.

This may be very different from what you’ve heard before, or from what you believe to be true. Remember, to be successful in this game, you’ll have to do things differently than how most people do it. You’ll have to learn things that few people know. It will most definitely differ from the “popular” beliefs, but that’s what will make you money while most people will not.

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