Stock Market for Dummies

In actual fact, it is not easy to enter the stock market and begin trading when you don’t have adequate financial background. The good news is that it is never difficult to make profit specifically if you follow the guidelines on stock market for dummies. Keep in mind that being prepared and disciplined are two … Read more

What is a Reverse Merger?

So, what is a reverse merger? If you have heard about reverse takeover or reverse IPO, then you must distinguish that these procedures are all the same. It is an actual fact a private company’s acquisition or acquirement of a public company that circumvent the usual complex and extensive procedure of going public. This procedure … Read more

Stock Trading Terminology

Stock Market traders have their own language. They use words that might confuse stock market beginners or “newbies” that don’t know the stock market investing basics yet. Stock trading lingo is almost a type of secret handshake that lets other traders know that you’re a member of the club. There is a method to the … Read more

Stock Market Investing Basics

Before thinking about investing in the stock market you will want to first make sure to learn the stock market investing basics and not just simply jump in and start trading right away. There are so many different avenues a person can take when investing. Even though the economy seems to be in a down … Read more

Dividends Do Not Matter

The basis of the argument that dividends don’t matter is simple. The financial theory, referred to as the Miller-Modigliani Theorem, stats that the market value of a firm is determined by its earning power and the risk of its underlying assets, and is independent of the way it chooses to finance its investments or distribute … Read more

Investor vs Trader

How do you see the world? Do you consider yourself an investor or a trader? Most people think of themselves as investors. However, if you knew that big winners in the markets call themselves traders, wouldn’t you want to know why? Simply put, they don’t invest, they trade. What are Investors? Investors put their money, … Read more

Monitoring Investments

If you have more than one investment, you likely want to monitor and compare their performances to the market and to similar investments. Here are a few examples of the information and the software you need to accomplish this objective: Market-monitoring tools send alerts that you determine. For example, if your stock increases by 25 … Read more

Analyzing Investment Prospects

The process of analyzing investment prospects includes examining groups of investments or individual securities. For this task, you need information to forecast the timing and amount of future cash flows of investment candidates. That is, the price you pay today is based on the future income of the asset. Figuring out what the asset will … Read more

Building Your Own Online Information System

Investments provide opportunities to make money in both a bull market (up market) and a bear (down) market (read more about bulls vs bears). No one ever knows for certain whether the market will go up or down, but investors can develop an information system to watch indicators for potential price changes and investment opportunities. … Read more

Identifying New Investments

Before investing, you need to clearly state your financial goals and objectives, and know your risk-tolerance level. This information can help you determine your required rate of return. By doing this type of homework, you can determine which categories of financial assets you may want to consider investing in. For example, if you’re selecting investments … Read more

Why Invest in Stocks?

Why should you invest in stocks? Stocks are but one of many possible ways to invest your hard-earned money. Why choose stocks instead of other options, such as bonds, rare coins, or antique sports cars? Quite simply, the reason that savvy stock market traders and investors invest in stocks is that they provide the highest potential … Read more