Shareholder Buyout Agreements

Shareholder agreements should be executed whenever two or more people form a small corporation or a limited partnership. This agreement is also known as a shareholder buyout agreement or a buy/sell agreement. It is imperative to have such an agreement as the terms laid out in the buy out agreement can help the owners of … Read more

What is a Public Company?

By definition a public company is a corporation or organization which offers its stock or bonds, otherwise known as securities to the general public or open market mostly through stock exchange. This happens when the company’s shareholders decide to offer their shares into the open market with a view to raise money for the expansion … Read more

What is a Holding Company?

The concept of a holding company may be quite complex and people often find themselves asking the question “what is a holding company?” A holding company is a company which owns the majority of the shares in another company or group of companies. They are usually corporations and sometimes are created with the sole aim … Read more

LLC Taxes

The term LLC refers to limited liability companies which are operated by one or more owners who are usually referred to as ‘members’. In case the LLC has only one owner, it is taxed according to the rules of sole proprietorship. LLC taxes are not taxed as a separate business entity like a corporation; rather, … Read more

Who Can Issue Stock?

Stocks are financial instruments which represent ownership of a company. Ownership of a company can be determined by dividing the number of shares you own over the total number of outstanding shares in the company. Why do companies issue stock? Companies do this in order to raise their capital. Smaller companies or companies just starting … Read more

LLC Taxation

The most preferred and favored business entity form by numerous entrepreneurs due to its flexibility is the Limited Liability Company (LLC). The taxation of LLC is also exceptional. In fact, the IRS rules are very beneficial when it comes to LLC taxation, chiefly because every limited liability company is allowed to select how it will … Read more

How to Incorporate Yourself

If you have been operating your enterprise for a while as a sole proprietor, you might find yourself wondering if incorporation would be a beneficial step to take. This article will assist you in making the right decision and help you learn about how to incorporate yourself. Reasons to Incorporate Think of this: You established a … Read more

Cheap Incorporation

One of the most essential and first step a business owner like you must take is deciding the type of business entity that you should register with your state. There are a number of business entities that you can select from, to include partnership, sole proprietorship, LLC or Limited Liability Company, and corporation. Business incorporation, … Read more

How to Incorporate in Nevada

A corporation in Nevada is a corporation contracted under the U.S. state of Nevada laws. Nevada, similar to the state of Delaware, is acknowledged as a corporate sanctuary. Several major corporations are Nevada chartered, specifically corporations whose headquarters are situated in California and other States in the Western hemisphere. Many company owners want to learn … Read more

Advantages of Issuing Stock

You might be wondering why companies issue stock to share their profits with thousands of people, when they could just keep all the money to themselves. You must realize that there are several advantages of issuing stock and going public. One of the chief reasons why this is taking place is because at some point … Read more

How to Start a Public Company

Businessmen and business enthusiasts know that there are benefits entailed when you have a publicly held company. If you are researching about how to start a public company because you want your company to go public, you should initially discern the advantages your company can enjoy, which is the same reason why owners of privately … Read more

What are IPO’s?

Understanding Public Offering or Flotation If you want to gain knowledge about what are IPO’s, you should determine that IPO stands for initial public offering, which is also known and recognized as flotation or public offering. This procedure takes place when a certain company issues stocks that fall under classes of shares identified as common … Read more