• 3 Keys to Money Management

    All of your trading, buying and selling, revolves around money. Therefore money management is about managing your business and maximizing your stock market trading profits. There are five key elements to good trading money management: 1. Trading Capital For every winner in futures trading there is a loser, this being so, you should consider trading … Read more

  • What Are DRIPS?

    A dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) allows shareholders to reinvest their dividends in additional stock rather than receiving them in cash. These plans are offered directly by companies or through agents acting on behalf of the corporation. In the former case, a company issues new shares in lieu of a cash dividend. You also have the … Read more

  • Advice for Investors

    Making mistakes is part of the learning process for all investors, but all too often, it’s plain old common sense that separates a successful investor from a poor one. At the same time, nearly all investors, new or experienced, have fallen astray from common sense and made a mistake or two. Being perfect may be … Read more

  • Investment Preparation Checklist

    Ready to take the leap into the World of Investing? Before doing so, here is a ten-item investor checklist that will help you in the planning stages before simply jumping right into stock market trading or investing. Consider these points carefully within the framework of who you are and what you want to accomplish as … Read more

  • 3 Beginner Investor Tips

    You need to know some unforgettable investment basics before you enter the world of investing in stocks. The stock market is a field dominated by savvy stock market investors who know the ins-and-outs of the market. For people who are not ‘on the inside’, the stock market can be a very intimidating and dangerous place. … Read more

  • Saving vs Investing

    Saving and investing are two unique concepts, and it’s important to understand the difference between them and the need for each. In simple economies, there is little distinction between savings vs investments. One saves by reducing present consumption, while he invests in the hope of increasing future consumption. Therefore, a fisherman who spares a fish … Read more

  • Top 3 Successful Investing Factors

    Although there are many things an investor can do wrong in the markets, there are only a few things he or she can do right. We are all well aware of how important risk management, discipline, and a good investment method can be. Yet without a doubt, they are all useless in the hands of … Read more

  • Determine Your Investment Objectives

    Investment objectives are like a rudder on a ship. The choice of which investments to hold is determined by your objectives. In other words, know what you want to accomplish from your investments allows you to manage your portfolio more effectively. In addition, your objectives determine the purpose and time period for the investments. For … Read more

  • News is Bad for Your Wealth

    Wealth Warning: It has been determined that listening to the news may be bad for your wealth! From a very early age we are bombarded with news from television, radio and newspapers. We live in the ‘Information Age’ and are presented with a mass of information any time of the day or night. Most of … Read more

  • Bulls Vs Bears

    Terminology used by stock brokers and Wall Street insiders tends to be rather complicated what with jargon such as margins, small cap, and indices, it can be difficult to tell what the devil these people are talking about. Still, the most basic of stock market terms, “bull” and “bear,” date back to the 19th century … Read more