• Planning for Retirement in Your 20s

    The early bird always gets the worm. Heading a household when you’re just in your 20s can be very challenging. It seems like you’ve just graduated and you already have to take care of a home, manage the budget and still save some for a rainy day. The last one is the most difficult. As … Read more

  • How To Retire Without Social Security

    A comfortable retirement is what most of us want to have. Most people still depend on when to retire on social security; and so they start to worry when they are nearing their retirement age because they often question themselves: Is my social security enough to retire on and enjoy the comfortable lifestyle that I’m … Read more

  • Advantages of Participating in a Retirement Plan

    Preparing for retirement is extremely important; but, with most traditional pension plans phasing out rapidly, citizens are taking up the responsibility to fund their own retirement. This is a good move considering the fact that they will benefit from the advantages of participating in a retirement plan. Workers are beginning to rely solely on retirement … Read more

  • Am I Too Old To Invest?

    Age is inevitable — but it is just a number. This goes true with a lot of things — and that includes investing. Though it is really recommended for us to learn how to invest and to start investing as early as possible, people can still invest their funds no matter what their age. Some … Read more

  • Planning for Retirement

    Do you really have enough funds to be able to live comfortable when it comes time for you to retire? There is no doubt that most of us would like to enjoy a financially-secured retirement — after all, this must be the moment when we have to enjoy what we have worked for our entire … Read more

  • Early Retirement Buyout

    Some companies and employers may suffer from a downturn especially when the economy fails. This prompts them to find ways on how to cut down on expenses so they can maximize savings and preserve more of their assets. Some of these companies choose to reduce their workforce through laying off some workers so they can … Read more

  • Learn How to Invest

    Saving for the future may be one of the reasons as to why people may want to invest in stocks, retirement plans, mutual funds, and so on. However, before investing in any plan, it may be wise to consider the potential outcomes of the investment and the purpose of the investment or investment goals. With … Read more

  • Retirement Plan Investments

    All of us would want to have a financially secured and a more comfortable retirement. In order to achieve our financial goals for our future, most retirement advice that we get from that experts is that we have to make the best choices for our investments. Investing is definitely the best and proven formula to … Read more

  • Why Invest

    These are difficult times we are living in nowadays, and people tend to find challenges when it comes to their finances. People even work double — even triple — time just to earn enough money to support their own needs and those of their families. However, we must understand that it is difficult to get … Read more

  • How to Fund an IRA

    Setting up a retirement fund may be easier than it appears. You don’t have to worry about spending much on the IRA as the maximum IRA contribution limits per year are $5000 (or $6000 if you are over 50 years of age). Here are 7 easy ways in which you will be able to find … Read more