Offshore Investment Advice

“Offshore investing” is often so shrouded by secrecy to many investors that it makes it seem very mysterious, like some illegal underground society of super-rich investors. Many investors become weary of offshore investment advice and immediately become suspicious. Once you conduct the offshore investment advice for yourself, you will discover that investing offshore is nothing … Read more

Why Go Public?

Interested in taking your company public? The main reason people explore the possibility of going public is that they want to raise capital – to expand their company, to hire new people or to open more locations.

Like most of your tough business decisions, taking your company public has advantages and disadvantages. There are a host of reasons for companies to consider going public.

Hot Stock Market Tips

Stock tips are just as much a part of the market as stocks themselves. Honestly, where would we be without tips? Are you looking for that next hot stock market tip that is supposed to make you rich? Well, stop looking and think again. Stock tips supposedly give you the “inside scoop” on the next … Read more

3 Keys to Money Management

All of your trading, buying and selling, revolves around money. Therefore money management is about managing your business and maximizing your stock market trading profits. There are five key elements to good trading money management: 1. Trading Capital For every winner in futures trading there is a loser, this being so, you should consider trading … Read more

Top 20 Trading Rules

Lets review some of the Top 20 Trading Rules you should always follow when investing in the stock market: 1. Don’t blame the market. You must take responsibility for your financial security and all of your actions. 2. Study and learn all you can. Choose one market to trade, many suggest the Dow Jones futures … Read more

Primal vs Emotional Investing

It is pretty apparent to most people who observe people act and react that they do a lot of what they do based on moderately primal and/or emotionally motivated impulses. Many experiments have been conducted to check the impact that primal instincts and emotion-based thinking has on investing and stock market psychology. They have generally … Read more

Convertible Preferred Stock

Some preferred stock issues have a convertible feature that allows holders to exchange their preferred stock for common shares. The conditions and terms of the conversion are set when the preferred stock is first issued. The terms include the conversion ratio, which is the number of common shares the preferred stockholder will get for each … Read more

How to Analyze Stocks

Are you new to investing and would like to learn how to analyze stocks? As far as researching a stock, there are many things to look for, and everyone will tell you something different. Use the following stock analysis test to identify the obvious losers you do not want to invest in. These may be … Read more

Advice for Investors

Making mistakes is part of the learning process for all investors, but all too often, it’s plain old common sense that separates a successful investor from a poor one. At the same time, nearly all investors, new or experienced, have fallen astray from common sense and made a mistake or two. Being perfect may be … Read more