FICA Withholding

Every employed person in America has to pay the Federal Insurance Contribution Act tax commonly known as FICA tax. FICA withholding is done on the employees’ wages or salary where a deduction of a certain percent is made per annum usually 15.3 %. This deduction on the employee’s salary must be marched by the employers’ … Read more

403b Withdrawal Rules

Saving for retirement is one of the primary concerns for many people and especially those people who are nearing retirement. There are various retirement plans available today such as, the 401k retirement plan and the 403b retirement plans. Most of these plans offer excellent tax benefits and other added benefits as well. The 403b retirement … Read more

LLC Taxes

The term LLC refers to limited liability companies which are operated by one or more owners who are usually referred to as ‘members’. In case the LLC has only one owner, it is taxed according to the rules of sole proprietorship. LLC taxes are not taxed as a separate business entity like a corporation; rather, … Read more

Become a Financial Advisor

Financial advisors and financial planning consultants are pretty much the same. Its just a case of one company calling that certain job position as a financial advisor, while the other company calls it a financial planning consultant, when the job description for both are the same. Another thing that needs to be stressed is that … Read more

Financial Coaching

Financial coaches are different from financial planning consultants. A financial coach provides training to individuals to develop on their own the skills required to manage their money. These coaches give you the right analytical and decision-making tools to be successful in the money management field. We don’t have to always rely on financial advisers when … Read more

Small Investments

Many Americans retire with little to nothing in their savings accounts, nor do they have reliable retirement plans. As an investment advice it is best that while still young one should consider investing for their post-employment days. Take this one fact for example: when put into a mutual fund, the amount by which your money … Read more

What is an Annuity Investment

Annuity investments, although they are quite common in the United States, most people still find themselves asking the question ‘what is an annuity investment?’ An annuity investment is a contribution that an individual makes towards a life insurance policy by a single premium. The returns of the insurance plan will be enjoyed by the insured … Read more