Secured Business Loans

There are many financial options that can be used by an individual to aid him in his investments. Some are recommended and some are to be avoided. In this article let us take into account loans such as secured business loans, mutual fund loans, and annuity loans. Secured Business Loans Secured business loans can help … Read more

Business Savings Accounts

Creating cash reserves for emergency use, taking advantage of interest rates without investment risks, or setting aside funds for company expansion – all of these can be achieved with business savings accounts. Banks made them available for corporations and even sole proprietors. Opening one cannot be completed entirely online, but most of the steps can … Read more

401k Limits

Also known as defined contribution plan, 401(k) is a type of savings account that derived its name from the subsection 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code. With this, employers can help their employees save money for retirement and it is also one way to keep valued and tenured workers of their company. Workers have the … Read more

Highest Money Market Rate

Money Market has been the favorite avenue for some who wish to have a safe, secure and liquid investment. Financial institutions and dealers that lend and borrow money in short-term basis, typically less than a year or up to 13 months, consists the money market. Though it is a fairly safe place to put your … Read more

Top Money Market Funds

The money market consists of financial institutions that do business through lending and borrowing assets via short-term basis, usually up to less than 13 months. Money market trades include commercial paper, deposit certificates, banker’s acceptances, federal funds, treasury bills, municipal notes, repurchase agreements and short-lived mortgages. Because of the high liquidity and short maturity nature … Read more

Borrowing from IRA

Borrowing from IRA or using your IRA as collateral is normally not permitted. Prohibited transactions are subject to taxes and penalties imposed by the IRA account that you have. But there is a certain rule that allows you to borrow money from your IRA account. Through this you will find a way around any penalties … Read more

529 Contribution Limits

Operated by a state or educational institution, a 529 plan (qualified tuition plan) is an educational plan designed to aid families in setting aside money for future college expenses. It offers tax-advantage to plan holders that’s why it’s a great college assurance plan. It derived its name from Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. … Read more

IRA Withdrawal Penalty Exceptions

Roth IRA is an individual retirement account that offers tax-free growth and normally tax-free withdrawals. I said normally because Roth has specific rules, not only in contributions, but also with distributions. The Internal Revenue Service predetermined two kinds of distributions: qualified and unqualified (subject to Roth IRA penalties). Early withdrawals can be made because the … Read more

Best Brokerage Firms

When we talk of the best brokerage firms, it includes the best penny stock broker and best Forex broker. It is very important to find a broker that offers low trading costs without compromising customer service. With this you can maximize your investments and get the desired returns or more. The Top 4 Online Brokers Today … Read more

Real Estate IRA

Due to the development in ownership of private properties, real estate has become a major business. Investing in real estate is a great way to gain a much wanted income. In fact, many venture into real estate business in the hope of getting rich. However, this requires large funding because you will be needing appraisers, … Read more