529 Plan Rules

Retirement plans and saving for education are some of the wisest investment options available. Education is a very costly affair, unless a scholarship is received. The 529 plan is one of the options available for saving towards education – either for self or for children. This plan is perhaps the most valuable investment plan for … Read more

Tax Lien Certificates

Cash flow notes are like IOU’s that can either be bought or sold. These are debt instruments that are in the form of legal documents. In the event that you bought one, all the rights of the previous owner will be rolled over to you. Now the borrower will pay you what would have been … Read more

Secured Business Loans

There are many financial options that can be used by an individual to aid him in his investments. Some are recommended and some are to be avoided. In this article let us take into account loans such as secured business loans, mutual fund loans, and annuity loans. Secured Business Loans Secured business loans can help … Read more

Business Savings Accounts

Creating cash reserves for emergency use, taking advantage of interest rates without investment risks, or setting aside funds for company expansion – all of these can be achieved with business savings accounts. Banks made them available for corporations and even sole proprietors. Opening one cannot be completed entirely online, but most of the steps can … Read more

529 Contribution Limits

Operated by a state or educational institution, a 529 plan (qualified tuition plan) is an educational plan designed to aid families in setting aside money for future college expenses. It offers tax-advantage to plan holders that’s why it’s a great college assurance plan. It derived its name from Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. … Read more