Switching IRA Companies

An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, is a kind of investment vehicle which allows employed individuals to make investment contributions for retirement. Such contributions can be invested into several kinds of investments, which will serve as an income replacement by the time you retirement. There are actually several types of IRA plans available, and it is best to choose the one which would best suit your individual retirement plan.

Choosing the best IRA company is also essential as such companies can affect your profitability.

Roth IRA

There are plenty of investors who really prefer to open a Roth IRA because they believe that this is a tax-advantaged account. Several Roth IRA providers can assist us with the process on how to open a Roth IRA . Choosing the best Roth IRA providers that offer the best IRA rates is really essential, so we can maximize our profits later on. In addition, a no fee Roth IRA is most recommended so we can save a lot on investment costs.

This is the reason why we must pay close attention to the transaction fees and commissions that most IRA companies charge to us, as there are times when such investment costs will just eat up our returns in the future. If you think that your current Roth IRA provider is charging you with higher fees, then perhaps it is time for you to reconsider — you may decide on switching your IRA company to help maximize your returns.

Why to Switch IRAs?

If you think it’s time for you to change your IRA providers for any reason, you can do do the IRA switching without having to compromise your funds. One of the best reasons to switch IRA companies is to find one which offers lower fees. An investor may switch to a different IRA company through an IRA rollover, so to avoid federal taxes. It is important for investors to calculate the fees that are associated with the new IRA company — and if one could find a no fee Roth IRA company, then so much the better.

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How to Switch IRA Companies?

One of the most popular no fee Roth IRA providers we highly recommend is Scottrade, which offers IRA accounts that are definitely good for beginners. The best thing about Scottrade is that their IRAs are free, which means that investors can actually enjoy a minimal expenses on their investments. One Scottrade IRA review states that the best thing about this IRA company is that they have no IRA setup fees and annual IRA fees. This IRA provider is also consistently rated the highest when it comes to customer service — and there is no doubt that they achieve their goal of giving investor satisfaction.

CURRENT PROMOTION: Scottrade will reimburse the account transfer fees up to $100 charged by another broker when you transfer your account to Scottrade! See how below.

This is one of the reasons why investors who already have an IRA with another company still make a wise decision of switching their IRA over to Scottrade because they like to avoid unnecessary fees and low investment returns. With Scottrade, it is expected that investors will surely enjoy their abundance upon retirement.

Switching is super easy to do. You can get your account transferred with just 4 steps:

  1. Open your Scottrade account now.
  2. Complete and sign an Account Transfer Form.
  3. Provide the most recent copy of your brokerage statement from your current broker.
  4. Complete and Return the Account Transfer Reimbursement Request to get the $100 promotion!

Remember, the longer you wait the more potential profile you’ll be losing – so make the decision to switch to a better IRA company today.

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