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You can get a free high-performance Dell widescreen monitor when you open and fund a new account at OptionsHouse! The more you fund, the more monitor you’ll get.

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Why Signup with OptionsHouse?

OptionsHouse is one of the largest brokerage firms in the United States. It aims to let the people know the best tools to use and the best trading platform to follow which are developed by those individuals who live through trading online.

When choosing an online broker, the investor must be very careful and he must always practice extra caution, as no one would ever want to entrust their money to those who cannot be trusted. This is the reason why the investors who are looking for online brokers are really recommended to read some customer reviews about several brokerage firms and make sure that they hire those with positive feedbacks from genuine reviews. And as a matter of fact, each OptionsHouse review that we usually see in the internet speaks about how efficient and reliable this brokerage firm is.

There are factors that we need to consider in choosing an online brokerage. One of the most important considerations that we have to check in a brokerage company is the price of its fees and other charges. We also have to make sure that we know all the fees that they need to charge to us (which means they have no hidden fees). In addition, we must also look for the one that offers an excellent customer service. Both price and service are among the many advantages of OptionsHouse.

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Furthermore, OptionsHouse also offers quality trading tools and professional-grade trading platforms that are truly efficient. They also offer value and functionality for those traders who are smart and self-directed. And most of all, they offer security to the investments, and of course, peace of mind to the traders.

Why OptionsHouse pricing is flexible and better?

The rates of OptionsHouse are competitive and flexible — they are designed to work around the way an investor trades, thus one can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to pick the price that would work best for him, depending on his own trading strategy and style. And most of all, OptionsHouse has no hidden charges at all. And one can also enjoy various freebies, better discounts, and big bonuses when he uses any OptionsHouse promotion code which is available online.

Stock trades are only $3.95 per trade – making them one of the lowest discount brokerages available today. There are NO hidden fees, maintenance costs, balance minimums or trading minimums at OptionsHouse.

Better trading platform and tools

With OptionsHouse, the best trading ideas are always executed with grace and style. The OptionsHouse trading platform offers ease and convenience to its clients, which often results to fast, accurate, and efficient stock and option trades. Furthermore, the trading tools which are available include streaming charts and news, volatility charts, probability calculator, options hotlist, and so much more, which are all effective and reliable.

Why is OptionsHouse secured?

Since OptionsHouse is a member of SIPC, which protects against brokerage firms’ insolvency, the options traders who open a brokerage account with OptionsHouse are protected. However, SIPC does not protect against market loss, which is obviously uncontrollable and unpredictable. On top of the SIPC, OptionsHouse clearing firm holds additional insurance above the coverage of SIPC. This will surely give the OptionsHouse traders a better peace of mind.

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So what are you waiting for? Open your OptionsHouse account now to get your free Dell monitor!


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