New Tax Rules for College Saving Plans

The president of Tuition Plan Consortium Nancy Farmer said, “Tax season is a very important time for families to think about saving for college”. The Tuition Plan Consortium is a national group of universities and colleges that sponsors Private 529 College Savings Plan. Farmer also stressed about taking advantages of tax incentives that many families … Read more

529 Plan Rules

Retirement plans and saving for education are some of the wisest investment options available. Education is a very costly affair, unless a scholarship is received. The 529 plan is one of the options available for saving towards education – either for self or for children. This plan is perhaps the most valuable investment plan for … Read more

529 Contribution Limits

Operated by a state or educational institution, a 529 plan (qualified tuition plan) is an educational plan designed to aid families in setting aside money for future college expenses. It offers tax-advantage to plan holders that’s why it’s a great college assurance plan. It derived its name from Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. … Read more