What is an Annuity Investment

Annuity investments, although they are quite common in the United States, most people still find themselves asking the question ‘what is an annuity investment?’ An annuity investment is a contribution that an individual makes towards a life insurance policy by a single premium. The returns of the insurance plan will be enjoyed by the insured … Read more

Annuities Explained

Have you ever had annuities explained to you? Learning about annuities can be very confusing and hard to understand.  Let’s make it super simply to understand by starting off with just the basics. Annuities are financial products sold by insurance companies and are usually intended for eventual retirement. Insurance companies provide people who buy annuities with payments … Read more

Annuity Loans

As a deferred annuity owner, you can receive momentary, tax-free access to your funds through annuity loans. In general, you can take as much as half of your annuity investments in a lump sum. Provided that you make the loan repayments on time, you can take advantage of non-taxed loan money. The loan interest and … Read more