Fixed Annuities

Fixed annuities aid in stabilizing the investment return. They are also typically utilized by people who don’t completely take part in the workforce, already retired, or about to retire. A fixed annuity is an insurance contract granting the annuitant – the individual who keeps and owns the annuity – a particular amount of income compensated … Read more

Variable Annuity

A variable annuity can furnish investors with income, growth, diversification as well as living and death advantages. In fact, there are several different reasons why you should invest in variable annuities.  It’s important to analyze though the features and riders attached in the contracts before you close the deal to ensure that your objectives and needs as … Read more

Sell Your Annuity

Almost all investors share the same aim of long-term accumulation of wealth. However, while some investors do not experience difficulty in watching their investments fluctuate depending on the market’s performance, those who have small appetite for risks or people who are nearing their retirement in general can’t endure short-term market volatility within their investment portfolios. … Read more