Momentum Investing: Strategies & Tips for Success

Momentum investing has emerged as a popular and potentially lucrative investment strategy for those seeking to capitalize on the consistent growth in the value of various financial assets. By understanding the fundamental aspects of this approach and exploring its unique characteristics, one can better appreciate the opportunities and challenges tied to this investing style. This … Read more

Where to Invest

With your investments it is vital that you need to determine the best place for where to invest your hard earned money. The best investment for one may not be the best for the other. So it is advised that you do your homework first and maximize all resources before deciding which type of investment … Read more

Making Money from the Markets

There are as many ways to make money from the markets as there are people trading them. However, they generally fall into a limited number of general methods. You can use these methods to your advantage when investing. 1. Let the Trend be your Friend! Use “something” to tell you that a market has made … Read more

Saving vs Investing

Saving and investing are two unique concepts, and it’s important to understand the difference between them and the need for each. In simple economies, there is little distinction between savings vs investments. One saves by reducing present consumption, while he invests in the hope of increasing future consumption. Therefore, a fisherman who spares a fish … Read more