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Stock tips are just as much a part of the market as stocks themselves. Honestly, where would we be without tips?

Are you looking for that next hot stock market tip that is supposed to make you rich? Well, stop looking and think again. Stock tips supposedly give you the “inside scoop” on the next potential hot stock play so you can buy in when the stock price is low but before the stock takes off. Then sell when it’s high – making you a nice profit. In theory, it sounds like a good stock trading strategy. If it only worked that simple.

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As an investor, you must be aware of the stock market scams. The following are two of the most common stock scams.

The Pump and Dump

The pump and dump is one of the easiest and most common ways of taking money away from unsuspecting investors. Although it is illegal, the use of the pump and dump has actually increased because the Internet has made it possible to reach millions more people.

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