Fixed Annuities

Fixed annuities aid in stabilizing the investment return. They are also typically utilized by people who don’t completely take part in the workforce, already retired, or about to retire. A fixed annuity is an insurance contract granting the annuitant – the individual who keeps and owns the annuity – a particular amount of income compensated … Read more

How Do Annuities Work

Many investors take the plunge with the ultimate goal of accumulating wealth through the years. While some do not have issues and problems observing their investments increase and decrease in worth and value from one day to another, those who have small appetite for risk or people who are nearing their retired status normally can’t … Read more

Annuity Investments

As the economy struggles through the recessions and financial difficulties, it’s no wonder that many U.S. investors are becoming a little hesitant. This is for the reason that retirement income funds and account assets mislaid about 32 percent or $2.8 trillion of their worth between September of 2007 and December of 2008. Thus, many taxpayers … Read more

Annuity Buyouts

There is no doubt that annuities are a great way to make a lifetime profit, save money for retirement without being concerned of market risk and leave something to your favorite charity or your immediate family after you die. However, similar to other financial assistance products, what was once a plain concept has become exceedingly … Read more

Sell Your Annuity

Almost all investors share the same aim of long-term accumulation of wealth. However, while some investors do not experience difficulty in watching their investments fluctuate depending on the market’s performance, those who have small appetite for risks or people who are nearing their retirement in general can’t endure short-term market volatility within their investment portfolios. … Read more