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The 10-Q is a quarterly report filed with the SEC by a public registrant that provides an overview of the most recent quarter and year-todate (YTD) period. The report filed to the SEC that discloses the financials and other material information for the first, second, and third quarters (the fourth quarter is in the 10-K).

It is less comprehensive than the 10-K, but provides financial statements as well as MD&A relating to the company's financial performance for the most recent quarter and YTD period versus the prior year periods. The 10-Q also provides the most recent share count information and may also contain the most recent stock options/warrants data.

Additional Comments:

For detailed financial information on a company's final quarter of the fiscal year, the banker refers to the 8-K containing the fourth quarter earnings press release that usually precedes the filing of the 10-K.

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