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Market Surveillance

The department responsible for investigating and preventing abusive, manipulative, or illegal trading practices on The NASDAQ Stock Market. Considerable resources are devoted to surveilling The NASDAQ Stock Market. A vast array of sophisticated automated systems reviews each trade and price quotation on an on-line, real-time basis. Off-line computer-based analyses are conducted to evaluate trading patterns on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

Additional Comments:

Whenever any of these automated systems indicate unusual price or volume in a stock, NASDAQ Market Surveillance analysts determine if this was the result of legitimate market forces or perhaps a violation of rules. Among other things, analysts review press releases, review historical trading activity, interview brokers, Market Makers, and NASDAQ-listed company officials. Market Surveillance continues its inquiries until unusual movements are adequately explained.

If legitimate market forces were at work the case is closed without action. If it appears rule violations have occurred, a disciplinary action is initiated. Where corporate insiders or members of the investing public are involved in a potential violation, the case will be referred to the SEC.

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