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Listed below are the latest Spammed Stocks.

Why is this report useful to the investor? By using this Stock Spam Report, the common investor will now have an information tool in which to make a more informed investment decision, whether the investor chooses to catch the wave early or to stay away from a "too good to be true" stock scam, at least he or she will have a better map of the terrain surrounding their investment decision.

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*Please note: We do NOT send email stock spam. Stock spams are most often sent by third parties trying to manipulate the company's stock, and the company is typically not responsible for the spam. For more information regarding public company stock spam, you can read and learn how some fraudsters carry out their stock market scams and microcap spam. If you own a public company, you can get our spam advice for companies.

Last Spammed Stocks

Stock Symbol
Company Name
Current Trading Price Stock Spam History
Date / Spam / Price Change

01-04-2005 / 2
In Vivo Medical Diagnostics Inc

01-03-2005 / 3 / 0%
01-03-2005 / 3 / 0%
China Expert Technology Inc

01-03-2005 / 1
Auto Centrix Inc