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The Great American Food Chain, Inc

  The Great American Food Chain, Inc  [ GAMN Spam ] [ Why is this Spam Report useful? ]  

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Start Date 11-18-2006
End Date 11-20-2006

Spam Runs 1
Days Spammed 3
Avg. Spam Per Run 243
Avg. Spam Per Day 81

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Averages    -0.15-15%
Qwoter Notes

GAMN.PK wrote that spams promoting the company :

... were not authorized or instructed by the Company, nor are we aware of the source of the e-mails ... the Company doesn't advertise its business in any manner, nor does it believe that advertising would be especially useful in promoting its core business. Nor is the Company engaged in any manner of public or private offering of its stock and it sees no benefit from its shareholders' trading activities ... In sum, we get nothing out of these e-mails but the resulting time, burden and expense of explaining the above.

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