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Spam Status

Start Date 06-16-2008
End Date 06-17-2008

Spam Runs 1
Days Spammed 2
Avg. Spam Per Run 16
Avg. Spam Per Day 8

Latest Activity
Date SentMessagesVolumeOpenCloseChange
Averages    -0.01-2.5%
Qwoter Notes

QualSec Investor Relations has responded to recent spam advertising the company with the following statement:

It has come to our attention that several spam emails have been sent this week regarding our company, QualSec. These releases contain excerpts from our first and only press release, which was distributed at the close of business last Friday, June 13th. One of these spam emails contains a reference to the sender having received 25,000 shares of QualSec as payment.

QualSec has nothing to do with these spam emails ... None of our shareholders, and certainly not the Company, has transferred or sold any shares, either for public relations or for any other purpose. No transfers or sales have been made by any shareholder except for cash at the then market price, through licensed broker dealers.

The company has also offered a reward for information leading to the identification of the spammers.

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