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Sports Pouch Beverage Co Inc

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Spam Status

Start Date 11-11-2004
End Date 06-26-2007

Spam Runs 3
Days Spammed 4
Avg. Spam Per Run 26
Avg. Spam Per Day 19

Latest Activity
Date SentMessagesVolumeOpenCloseChange
Averages    -0.076-10.99%
Qwoter Notes

Sports Pouch Beverage Co Inc has officially disclaimed responsibility for spams advertising the company.

SPBV received information this morning that an unsolicited e-mail indicating that investors should invest in the securities of Sports Pouch Beverage Company, Inc. has apparently been circulated by person[s] without the knowledge or consent of the company ... In no event should any person consider this e-mail or any other communication which contains information on the potential future market value of SPBV securities, to be an authorized communication by or on behalf of SPBV or to be reliable as accurate.

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