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Going Public

How Does a Company Go Public?
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To clearly understand how a company goes public, it helps to first know why they want to go public and trade on the stock market.

Why a Company Goes Public

There is one simple reason why most private business owners decide to sell ownership in their company in order to trade on the stock market: to raise money.  Going public is often the best way for an already successful business to raise capital.

Costs of Going Public
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So you have already decided why to go public and are yearning to take the next step. Wait! Before you take the plunge, make sure you are aware of the costs of going public.

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Interested in taking your company public? The main reason people explore the possibility of going public is that they want to raise capital – to expand their company, to hire new people or to open more locations.

Like most of your tough business decisions, taking your company public has advantages and disadvantages. There are a host of reasons for companies to consider going public.

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