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Conforce International, Inc

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Spam Status

Start Date 01-29-2006
End Date 05-17-2007

Spam Runs 3
Days Spammed 4
Avg. Spam Per Run 9
Avg. Spam Per Day 7

Latest Activity
Date SentMessagesVolumeOpenCloseChange
Averages    -0.803-37.13%
Qwoter Notes

Conforce investor relations responded promptly to enquiries about spam promoting the stock as follows:

We were absolutely not the senders of the email, nor did we authorize its release. We were aware that certain companies were creating awareness on behalf of the company, however, our agreement(s) stipulated that the company was to authorize and approve any written material to be disseminated via newsletter or media and broker releases. The use of unsolicited email was strictly forbidden.

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