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International TME Resources Inc

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Spam Status

Start Date 03-08-2005
End Date 03-09-2005

Spam Runs 1
Days Spammed 2
Avg. Spam Per Run 19
Avg. Spam Per Day 10

Latest Activity
Date SentMessagesVolumeOpenCloseChange
Averages    0.011.96%
Qwoter Notes

ITME responded to inquiries about stock spams as follows:

... We did ok what we thought was advertising on a very select list. We will check this out. Your address will be removed from the list.

There's no way to know whether the spams that I received were sent by the organization authorized to send mail by ITME, or - perhaps more probably - were simply standard stock spams sent by an unrelated third party.

ITME.PK has a joint venture with EGYF.PK, another spamvertized stock. The two companies are located in Dallas, in close proximity to each other.

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