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Paivis Corp

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Spam Status

Start Date 06-20-2007
End Date 10-24-2007

Spam Runs 2
Days Spammed 4
Avg. Spam Per Run 7
Avg. Spam Per Day 4

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Qwoter Notes

An interesting press release from Paivis Corp warns shareholders against unauthorized listing of the company's shares on the Berlin stock exchange, a move which they speculate may be intended to make possible naked short selling of the company's shares. It's unclear if this is in any way connected to the spam promotion of the shares, but spam mentioning Paivis does specifically refer to shorting. The spammer claims:

Paivis Corp ... has a short position of approximately 10 million shares. The shorter sellers are expected to begin covering during the next 5 trading sessions very heavily ...

(note: the text above is taken verbatim from the spam, and should not be assumed to be an accurate description of Paivis' situation).

Paivis spams observed so far follow a slightly different pattern from the usual run of stock spams, so this may be the work of a new player in the stock spam business attempting a more complex manipulation.

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